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About us

Concept Dental has been serving the Midland community for over 10 years, providing all ages with top-quality dental care. We see people from many of the rural areas as well as mining workers who fly in and out of our area. We focus on offering a range of dentistry services, making sure all of your needs are covered.We accept insurance and offer 0% financing on payment plans. Contact us today to find out more!

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The Most Stringent Safety Standards

When it comes to your health and safety, we don’t take chances. The Concept Dental mission is to:

  • Protect ourselves and our patients by adhering to strict infection control standards as advised by the Australian Dental Association.
  • Utilise single-use instruments whenever possible.
  • Disinfect and autoclave (sterilise) all dental instruments, tracking critical ones. This process destroys all microorganisms by applying extreme temperatures and pressure.
  • Follow an in-house validation protocol on the autoclaves done by our maintenance technicians to ensure reliability.
  • Follow regulations of Hand Hygiene Australia in the use of hand washing and hand rub procedures.
  • Use personal protective equipment including masks, gloves, gowns and protective glasses.
  • Provide radiation gowns when requested.
  • Conduct regular service maintenance reviews for all equipment.
  • Be compliant with national guidelines for equipment testing.
  • Record all cleaning tasks on a register for accountability.
  • Conduct regular safety and quality risk assessments.
  • Take continued professional development to keep abreast of new products, techniques and technologies.
  • Audit our policies and procedures regularly with peer-reviewed scientific evidence and re-entering of any guideline changes.
  • Review feedback from our patients at periodic intervals.